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Cisco’s Agile Journey – Continuous Delivery and Scaling Scrum











Cisco is changing the way Cisco does business through Continuous Delivery and Scaled Scrum. We would like to share how we have moved a $49B enterprise of 25,000 engineers across the globe from 100% waterfall based delivery to scrum delivery in a massive scale.


Today, a strong partnership with the business and increased collaboration is driving delivery of new business outcomes faster. However, our journey started over 3 years back and was a gradual, and still on-going, evolution of mobilizing the agile transformation, strategically and tactically. We started with a strong executive leadership’s desire on the recognition of inevitable need for a change in the way we enabled business capabilities, from waterfall based 6 to 9 months delivery cycles to agile based weekly and monthly delivery capabilities. We experienced our share of challenges in just getting started to organically creating the critical core of passionate agile leaders throughout the enterprise.


Let us share how we organized, created the momentum, and overcame various challenges along the way, from getting beyond the long standing cultural resistance to a practical matter of scaling scrum from ground zero, from planning to executing, across the enterprise.

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