Campaign: プロダクトオーナーシップ Product Ownership

PO - the forgotten role: Define and Schedule Complex Work

In USA job website, 500,000 SM jobs, 3 PO jobs… Each team is supposed to have both!?


Since 2007, every company I have visited has a problem. They can't bridge the gap between strategy and User Stories.


In the session, we will survey several techniques and tools that PO use to clarify design, and then clarify requirements.

Most importantly, we show the PO’s critical role in limiting WIP, and scheduling work.


Target Audience: Everyone involved in product definition and requirements - including architects and tech leads, ops managers. However the focus is on product people.


Takeaways: a set of tools and processes to better define the work so it can be scheduled and sequenced for development.



- Introduction to the problem, and solution

- User Personas and their 'Scenarios'

- Scenario Mapping through components, etc.

- Story Map

- Class of Service from Kanban - the 'intangible class'

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