Campaign: スクラムってなに? What is Scrum?

People As the Conveyer of Knowledge (知識は人が運ぶ)

In 1986, Prof. Ikujiro Nonaka co-wrote with Prof.Takeuchi a well-known paper "The New New Product Development Game", and coined the word "Scrum" which is later referred to by Jeff Sutherland in his modern Scrum in Agile development context. Here I’ll present some important ideas about “how knowledge is created” and “who is the center of the knowledge creation”, discussed in the Nonaka's Scrum concept but not yet discussed in the Agile world.


He originally discussed Nonaka’s SECI-model in his book “Knowledge Creating Company“, and now I’ll put it in the context of Agile. How tacit and explicit knowledge transform each other into innovation, and why “Design Thinking” (or empathy to the users through experience) should be inserted to the first part of the development (or Ideation phase).


I want to share the "missing links" between his original Scrum thought and the current implementation of Scrum in the Agile world. Also this talk includes a concrete example on how intensive user involvement worked in the real industry.




現在アジャイル開発において注目されている「スクラム」は、野中郁次郎らが1986年に書いた「The New New Product Development Game」に由来しており、そこには、製品への要求を顧客との共体験を通して学び取り、それを仕様書ではなく体で開発に運ぶ、思いの伝達者としての実践知リーダーシップのありかたが生き生きと書かれています。


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A keynote from Agileroots 2014, revised.


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