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The Facilitator’s Toolkit: 12 tools to reinvent your ceremonies

Goal of the session

Learn how facilitation tools can help you bring an Agile team to the next level!


Session Outline

This energetic session will give the participants the opportunity to discover and experiment facilitation tools that make meetings more productive, fun and engaging while promoting collaboration and building trust:

– How do you easily break the ice?

– How can you identify participants that would prefer not to be there?

– How do you explore possibilities?

– How can you easily make a decision among several options?


Why not use our meetings as opportunities to lay out the foundations of a healthy Agile team?


Learning objectives

– Discover what facilitation is and in which context facilitation techniques can be used

– Understand how facilitation can help build a team

– Enrich the agile practitioner’s toolbox with facilitation techniques

– Experiment facilitation techniques

– Discuss the techniques with other participants

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Presented internally in companies + Scrum Gathering Shanghai 2015 + Agile Tour Vietnam Da Nang/Ho Chi Minh 2015


45 min presentation.

Based on the feedback from participants I'll cover an end to end scenario and show tools for each step.


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