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Product Backlog Refinement Workshop in Large Scale Scrum

Product backlog refinement (or grooming) is one of the activities in Scrum. This session is about how to do it in different scales. In this session, we’ll explore the product backlog refinement practices from the situation of “a single person project”, to "a single scrum team", to "one PO with multiple teams", and to "8+ teams on one product." The examples in the session are from real life organization. There will also ...more »

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ペンや付箋など講演(ワークショップ)で必要なモノ / Request for what and how many supplies (i.e. markers, sticky notes, post-its, etc.) for your session. :

Two flip chart stands.

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The speaker is an agile coach from Odd-e Singapore team. He's more than 1 decade experience in Nokia gave him deep understanding in Large Scale Scrum. He is also a certified SAFe Program Consultant, with which he has a good understanding of how scaling frameworks differentiate from each other.

The speaker is also a developer in open source projects. And he is the developer of web site.


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