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組織変革とプロセス改善 Organizational Change and Process

An Agile Coach who became a monk.

This session focus on sharing the 2 years of experience as an enterprise Agile Coach with a Payment Company, sharing a year of experience as an Agile Coach with a bank and sharing 3 months experience with a startup
Compare the lesions learned and what can learn from them
Top 5 Strategies which helped for the transformation and coaching
Talk about the different Transformation and coaching Strategies which was used in... more »


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ゲームで学ぶ Learn by playing Game

Kanban in Action with a Game

The getKanban Board Game is a physical board game designed to teach the concepts and mechanics of Kanban for software development in a workshop setting. It has been described as the most effective way to teach Kanban. It’s hands-on, engaging, and fun.


During the workshop the teams construct charts based on data from the game including a Cumulative Flow Diagram, and a Statistical Process Control Chart.


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組織変革とプロセス改善 Organizational Change and Process

Why only Agile Organisation will survive? / なぜアジャイルな組織しか生き残れないのか

The agile manifesto is not necessarily a mindset which is only valid for IT organisations. The power of the agile manifesto is, that it can be translated to any industries. In fact, Chris is of the opinion, that any organisation of any other industry should embrace and live the agile values and principles in order to survive the growing complexity of today's globalisation.

In his talk, Chris will covers the reason,... more »


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チームの学びと成長 Learn and Grow by Team





















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その他 Others

Teach in the University Programme : Agile and Scrum

This will be a session discussing about how the previous company that I worked for partnered with one of the biggest state universities in the Philippines in teaching Agile Methodologies and Practices by creating an elective course where actual Scrum Masters and Engineers from the company talk about how these concepts are being practiced in real working environments.

Additional Information :
Targeted Audience : Companies/any... more »


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その他 Others












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