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プロダクトオーナーシップ Product Ownership

DtoDに基づくユーザーストーリーの組み立て Eliciting user stories with DtoD

これらの課題の解決策として、要求/分析の分野で長年に渡り活躍してきた米国EBG Consulting社のEllen GottesdienerとMary Gormanが Discover To Deliver (DtoD)[2]というフレームワークを考案した。DtoDは複数のリリース、次のリリース、次の反復という3つの時間軸と以下に示すプロダクトの7側面の観点を用いて、ユーザーストーリーを組み立てて、その実現スケジュールを利害関係者で話し合い、合意し、「正しいプロダクト」を納品するためのフレームワークである。... more »


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スクラムのスケールアップ Scaling up Scrum

Product Backlog Refinement Workshop in Large Scale Scrum

Product backlog refinement (or grooming) is one of the activities in Scrum. This session is about how to do it in different scales.

In this session, we’ll explore the product backlog refinement practices from the situation of “a single person project”, to "a single scrum team", to "one PO with multiple teams", and to "8+ teams on one product."

The examples in the session are from real life organization. There will also... more »


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プロダクトオーナーシップ Product Ownership

PO - the forgotten role: Define and Schedule Complex Work

In USA job website, 500,000 SM jobs, 3 PO jobs… Each team is supposed to have both!?

Since 2007, every company I have visited has a problem. They can't bridge the gap between strategy and User Stories.

In the session, we will survey several techniques and tools that PO use to clarify design, and then clarify requirements.
Most importantly, we show the PO’s critical role in limiting WIP, and scheduling work.

Target... more »


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